Friends of Our School (FOS)

FOS Fundraising Committee

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The key focus of the FOS is to work together in an open and friendly environment to organise and promote fundraising events and raise much needed funds for the school and the betterment of our students. We meet on average once a month and we are always looking for new members and new ideas for fundraising, remember many hands make light work. If you are interested in contributing or suggesting ideas then please do not hesitate to contact anyone of us in the team via the office or around the school.

Our focus for 2018 were predominantly to finish raising funds towards the large cost of rebuilding the school playground and then also to get replace and increase the number drinking fountains to help the kids stay hydrated. Your continued support for our fundraising activities contributed to over $11,540 for 2018.

On top of the general fund-raising activities the FOS committee also continued to apply for grants to assist towards the new playground. The following grants were successful during the year 2018.  With a total of $24,183 received, Pelorus Trust granted $19,183 the remaining balance for the playground and Four Winds granted us $5,000 towards the timber and bark to surround the playground.

This year we are focussing our efforts towards storage containers for school bikes and painting outdoor games on to the court area.

So What fundraising is Planned for 2019? – some of the ideas to date,

Mufti Day, Ice-blocks on Fridays for Term 1, our Famous Easter RafflePremium Hot Cross Buns in the 3 weeks leading up to Easter and another Movie night.

This year we are also looking to host a School Gala, we have recently formed a Gala committee so if you are keen to add you support please let us know.

¨ For later in the year we will be looking to host the School Disco, Entertainment Books and Calendars and Sausage Sizzles! To name but a few!

Who we are:
 Barry Arthur
Treasurer: Yen Jong
Secretary: Sarah Brannigan
Principal: Karolina Surynt-Tapiki
Committee members: Barry Arthur, Yen Jong, Monique Macdonald, Tim Watson, Robyn Burger

The Friends of Our School (FOS) Committee