Board of Trustees

“Boards of Trustees play a critical role, in partnership with their Principal, in ensuring our young people, irrespective of background, succeed. There is no doubt that highly effective Boards and Principals working together in partnership lead to highly effective schools and high quality educational outcomes.

The key focus of any Board of Trustees is undoubtedly on improving student achievement. That is not to say that Boards should be delving into the day to day management of the school – in fact, quite the reverse. Effective Boards of Trustees are active in setting the overall direction of the school through policy setting and strategic planning and, in consultation with their Principal, setting targets in respect of identified achievement gaps.

Setting high standards and high expectations around achievement, monitoring of progress towards targets, self review, and adopting a climate of continuous improvement, are all marks of a highly effective Board and something all Boards should be aspiring to if not already doing.”

Lorranie Kerr, President, NZ School Trustees Association (from ‘A Guide for School Trustees Trusteeship booklet’)

‘Our People’ OLR School Board of Trustees


Natasha Watson


Karolina Surynt-Tapiki

Proprietor’s Reps

Camille Plimmer
Leanne England
Eti Moananu
Dion Howard

Parent Reps

Helen Greaney
Marlene Gillies
Monique Macdonald
Hilary Arthur

Staff Rep

Caro de Beer

OLRS Annual Report 2018