School Fees

Archdiocese of Wellington Attendance Dues for 2019 are $510 per student for the year.

These are a charge payable to the Proprietor and a legal obligation being a condition of enrolment at integrated schools. They are not a donation and they are not tax deductible.

Attendance Dues are not the same as school and activity costs either. School and activity costs are charged by many state and integrated schools and are payable to the school.

Attendance dues are payable directly to the Archdiocese of Wellington. They are used to pay off loans raised to fund new works, and to pay some building-related costs such as the insurance of school buildings.

Activities: $20.00 per student per term (4 terms).

This is payable to the school and covers things such as school trips, visiting entertainers, buses to swimming and other sports events.

Donation Request of $20 per child in Terms 2, 3, 4. ($60 for the year).
This is a request made by the Board of Trustees and is used to assist with fundraising projects. The money raised from fundraising enables us to purchase items not able to be covered by the operations grant e.g. computers and other ICT equipment, playground equipment, additional reading books, costs associated with employing teachers above our entitlement. Donations are tax deductible.
$6 per child per year is requested to cover the cost of the Religious Education digital resource.